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Networking and Internet

As your business grows, so do your network and infrastructure needs.

We evaluate your current network and see what needs to be done to make it faster. Sometimes, it’s as simple as changing your ISP or upgrading outdated equipment.

We’ll get you the proper internet connection, storage, servers, phone systems, and security features your business needs. If you’re moving into a new office and are looking to have a new network put in, our team can help.

Routers and Security

A fast and secure router will make all the difference.

In today’s world of ransomware, it is imperative to have the proper firewall between your business and the outside world. Personalized solutions are designed and implemented, because no two businesses have the same needs.

Keeping your IT running

How would your business survive with no access to PCs or laptops?

If your systems went down, what would the impact be on your business?

Managed services helps look after your IT by providing a continuous service health check through the following:

• Building a clear picture of each workstation
• Producing reports on issues
• Highlighting potential risks
• Updating and upgrading software
• Enhancing performance
• Reducing downtime
• Providing on-going support

This all helps you to concentrate on growing your business and increasing your profits.

Security Firewall Equipment

In today’s world of ransomware, it is imperative to have the proper firewall between your business and the outside world. We design and implement custom solutions for your business, because no two businesses have the same needs.

Indoor & Outdoor WiFi

We offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor wireless solutions that’ll fit your business needs.

Internet Service Failover to Cellular Connection

Don’t lose progress due to a service outage! This new technology provides the Internet using a cellular connection. It may be a little slower, but you will be able to continue your work until the outage is resolved.

If your business has an internet outage due to your cable, DSL or T1 provider, your connection will automatically switch over to an LTE connection and alert us that there’s an outage simultaneously. Utilize LTE Failover technology to keep your workflow active.

Network Design & Management

All that equipment in the backroom is vitally important to the speed and operation of your network. 

If your network isn’t up to par, slowness and connection issues can cost you a lot in productivity hours. With proper network design, we can have your business running like a well-oiled machine.

Then for a monthly fee (and no long term contract) we manage and monitor your network to make sure everything is up and running the way it’s supposed to be. If something goes wrong, our response team can take care of what’s needed to make sure you’re back up as soon as possible.

BusinessWare is YOUR IT department